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87%  The Man Who Would Be King  [John Huston]  Adventure
86%  Glory  [Edward Zwick]  Biography, Drama, History
84%  The Magnificent Seven  [John Sturges]  Action, Adventure, Western
80%  Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol  [Brad Bird]  Action, Adventure, Thriller
78%  Kill Bill: Vol. 1  [Quentin Tarantino]  Action, Crime, Thriller
76%  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid  [George Roy Hill]  Biography, Crime, Drama
75%  Narc  [Joe Carnahan]  Crime, Drama, Mystery
73%  The Hunt for Red October  [John McTiernan]  Action, Adventure, Thriller
72%  Batman: The Movie  [Leslie H. Martinson]  Adventure, Comedy, Crime
72%  When Worlds Collide  [Rudolph Maté]  Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
71%  The Siege of Firebase Gloria  [Brian Trenchard-Smith]  Action, Drama, War
70%  Let the Bullets Fly  [Wen Jiang]  Action, Comedy, Western
69%  Black Sunday  [John Frankenheimer]  Action, Thriller
67%  There Was a Tiger  [Kabir Khan]  Action, Romance
67%  Pineapple Express  [David Gordon Green]  Action, Comedy, Crime
67%  The Big Bus  [James Frawley]  Comedy, Action
66%  Under Siege  [Andrew Davis]  Action, Thriller
66%  The Night of the Grizzly  [Joseph Pevney]  Adventure, Western
66%  On the Double  [Melville Shavelson]  Adventure, Comedy, War
65%  Flying Tigers  [David Miller]  Action, Drama, Romance
64%  Mission: Impossible  [Brian De Palma]  Action, Adventure, Thriller
62%  Real Steel  [Shawn Levy]  Action, Drama, Family
61%  Born to Race  [Alex Ranarivelo]  Action, Sport
61%  Seraphim Falls  [David Von Ancken]  Action, Drama, Thriller
61%  Revenge of the Ninja  [Sam Firstenberg]  Action, Crime, Drama
61%  Escape from Zahrain  [Ronald Neame]  Action, Adventure, Drama
60%  Tomorrow, When the War Began  [Stuart Beattie]  Action, Adventure, Drama
60%  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest  [Gore Verbinski]  Action, Adventure, Fantasy
60%  Mission: Impossible II  [John Woo]  Action, Adventure, Thriller
60%  A Prayer for the Dying  [Mike Hodges]  Action, Crime, Drama
59%  The Ghost and the Darkness  [Stephen Hopkins]  Adventure, Drama, Thriller
59%  Murphy's Law  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Crime, Drama
59%  Pony Express  [Jerry Hopper]  History, Romance, Western
58%  The Hunting Party  [Richard Shepard]  Adventure, Comedy, Drama
57%  Kite Liberator  [Yasuomi Umetsu]  Animation, Action, Crime
55%  Hercules  [Brett Ratner]  Action, Adventure, Fantasy
55%  Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End  [Gore Verbinski]  Action, Adventure, Fantasy
55%  The Mechanic  [Michael Winner]  Action, Crime, Thriller
54%  Sniper: Reloaded  [Claudio Fäh]  Action, Drama, Thriller
54%  D.C. Cab  [Joel Schumacher]  Comedy, Action
53%  Chennai Express  [Rohit Shetty]  Action, Adventure, Comedy
53%  Sniper 3  [P.J. Pesce]  Action, Drama, Thriller
53%  Rat Race  [Jerry Zucker]  Adventure, Comedy
53%  The Man Who Knew Too Little  [Jon Amiel]  Action, Comedy, Crime
53%  Young Guns  [Christopher Cain]  Action, Crime, Drama
52%  The Man with One Red Shoe  [Stan Dragoti]  Comedy, Thriller
51%  Hancock  [Peter Berg]  Action, Crime, Drama
51%  Assassination  [Peter R. Hunt]  Action, Drama, Thriller
50%  The Expendables  [Sylvester Stallone]  Action, Adventure, Thriller
50%  Wild Bill  [Walter Hill]  Action, Biography, Western
49%  You Don't Mess with the Zohan  [Dennis Dugan]  Action, Comedy
49%  Toy Soldiers  [Daniel Petrie Jr.]  Action, Drama, Thriller
48%  Revolver Rani  [Sai Kabir]  Action, Comedy, Crime
48%  Six Days Seven Nights  [Ivan Reitman]  Action, Adventure, Comedy
47%  Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides  [Rob Marshall]  Action, Adventure, Fantasy
47%  My Super Ex-Girlfriend  [Ivan Reitman]  Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
47%  The Three Musketeers  [Stephen Herek]  Action, Adventure, Comedy
45%  WarGames: The Dead Code  [Stuart Gillard]  Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
44%  The Family  [Luc Besson]  Comedy, Crime, Thriller
44%  The Lone Ranger  [Gore Verbinski]  Action, Adventure, Western
43%  Act of Valor  [Mike McCoy, Scott Waugh]  Action, Adventure, Drama
42%  The Expendables 3  [Patrick Hughes]  Action, Adventure, Thriller
41%  Flight of the Intruder  [John Milius]  Action, Drama, Thriller
40%  Erased  [Philipp Stölzl]  Action, Thriller
39%  Brawler  [Chris Sivertson]  Drama
39%  Final Run  [Armand Mastroianni]  Action, Adventure, Thriller
38%  Operation Delta Force 2: Mayday  [Yossi Wein]  Action, Thriller
38%  American Ninja 4: The Annihilation  [Cedric Sundstrom]  Action, Drama
37%  Identity Thief  [Seth Gordon]  Comedy, Crime
37%  The Delta Force  [Menahem Golan]  Action, Adventure, Drama
37%  Missing in Action  [Joseph Zito]  Action, Adventure, Drama
36%  Big Stan  [Rob Schneider]  Action, Comedy
36%  Invasion U.S.A.  [Joseph Zito]  Action, Thriller
36%  Smokey and the Bandit II  [Hal Needham]  Action, Comedy
34%  Legion  [Scott Stewart]  Action, Fantasy, Horror
34%  What's the Worst That Could Happen?  [Sam Weisman]  Comedy, Crime
32%  Red Dawn  [Dan Bradley]  Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
32%  Into the Blue 2: The Reef  [Stephen Herek]  Action, Adventure, Thriller
32%  Congo  [Frank Marshall]  Action, Adventure, Mystery
32%  Cops and Robbersons  [Michael Ritchie]  Comedy, Crime, Thriller
31%  A Dark Truth  [Damian Lee]  Action, Thriller
30%  Killing Season  [Mark Steven Johnson]  Action, Drama, Thriller
30%  The Bounty Hunter  [Andy Tennant]  Action, Comedy, Romance
27%  American Ninja  [Sam Firstenberg]  Action, Adventure, Romance
26%  He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege  [Paul Tanter]  Action, Crime, Thriller
26%  Abduction  [John Singleton]  Action, Mystery, Thriller
25%  Firewalker  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Adventure, Comedy

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