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The Cocoanuts | Movie Details for Director Robert Florey, Joseph Santley | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 83%  The Cocoanuts  96 min,  [Comedy, Musical]  [Robert Florey, Joseph Santley]  [03 Aug 1929]
Ratings:  IMDB 7.2/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 95%, External Reviews
Awards:  2 nominations.
Actors:  Chico Marx, Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, The Marx Brothers, Zeppo Marx
Plot:  During the Florida land boom, The Marx Brothers run a hotel, auction off some land, thwart a jewel robbery, and generally act like themselves.
Writer:  George S. Kaufman (book), Morrie Ryskind (adapted by)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
The Beast with Five Fingers | Movie Details for Director Robert Florey | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 77%  The Beast with Five Fingers  88 min,  APPROVED,  [Horror, Mystery]  [Robert Florey]  [08 Feb 1947]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.6/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 89%, External Reviews
Actors:  Andrea King, Peter Lorre, Robert Alda, Victor Francen
Plot:  In a turn-of-the-century Renaissance Italian mansion, its tyrannical owner, a one-handed, wheelchair-bound pianist, with a strong belief in the occult, is murdered.
Writer:  Curt Siodmak (screen play), William Fryer Harvey (from a story by)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB
The Face Behind the Mask | Movie Details for Director Robert Florey | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 73%  The Face Behind the Mask  69 min,  APPROVED,  [Crime, Drama, Film-Noir]  [Robert Florey]  [16 Jan 1941]
Ratings:  IMDB 7.3/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Don Beddoe, Evelyn Keyes, George E. Stone, Peter Lorre
Plot:  A disfigured watchmaker with a grudge against society embarks on a life of crime.
Writer:  Paul Jarrico (screenplay), Arthur Levinson (story), Thomas Edward O'Connell (play), Allen Vincent (screenplay)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
The House on 56th Street | Movie Details for Director Robert Florey | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 73%  The House on 56th Street  68 min,  TV-G,  [Drama, History]  [Robert Florey]  [23 Dec 1933]
Ratings:  IMDB 7.3/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Gene Raymond, John Halliday, Kay Francis, Ricardo Cortez
Plot:  This movie opens in 1905, when showgirl and daughter of a deceased gambler Peggy Martin falls in love with Monte Van Tyle and breaks the news to lover Fiske that she is leaving him. She and...
Writer:  Austin Parker (screen play), Sheridan Gibney (screen play), Joseph Santley (from the story by)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Murders in the Rue Morgue | Movie Details for Director Robert Florey | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 73%  Murders in the Rue Morgue  61 min,  UNRATED,  [Crime, Horror, Mystery]  [Robert Florey]  [21 Feb 1932]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.4/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 83%, External Reviews
Awards:  1 win.
Actors:  Bela Lugosi, Bert Roach, Leon Ames, Sidney Fox
Plot:  A mad scientist seeks to mingle human blood with that of an ape, and resorts to kidnapping women for his experiments.
Writer:  Edgar Allan Poe (story), Robert Florey (adaptation), Tom Reed (screenplay), Dale Van Every (screenplay), John Huston (additional dialogue)
Language:  English, Danish, German    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Ex-Lady | Movie Details for Director Robert Florey | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 70%  Ex-Lady  67 min,  UNRATED,  [Comedy, Drama]  [Robert Florey]  [15 May 1933]
Ratings:  IMDB 7.0/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Bette Davis, Frank McHugh, Gene Raymond, Monroe Owsley
Plot:  Although free spirit Helen Bauer does not believe in marriage, she consents to marry Don, but his infidelities cause her to also take on a lover.
Writer:  David Boehm (screen play), Edith Fitzgerald (story), Robert Riskin (story)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Till We Meet Again | Movie Details for Director Robert Florey | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 68%  Till We Meet Again  72 min,  APPROVED,  [Drama, Romance, War]  [Robert Florey]  [04 Apr 1936]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.8/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Gertrude Michael, Herbert Marshall, Lionel Atwill, Rod La Rocque
Plot:  In London, August 1914, Austrian star Elsa Duranyi (Gertrude Michael) and English matinee idol Alan Barclay (Herbert Marshall) are in love and plan an immediate marriage. But the War comes ...
Writer:  Alfred Davis (play), Edwin Justus Mayer (screenplay), Brian Marlow (screenplay), Franklin Coen (screenplay)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
The Crooked Way | Movie Details for Director Robert Florey | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 67%  The Crooked Way  90 min,  PASSED,  [Crime, Drama, Film-Noir]  [Robert Florey]  [22 Apr 1949]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.7/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Ellen Drew, John Payne, Rhys Williams, Sonny Tufts
Plot:  War hero recovers from amnesia & is confronted by his criminal past.
Writer:  Robert Monroe (radio play "No Blade Too Sharp"), Richard H. Landau (screenplay)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Daughter of Shanghai | Movie Details for Director Robert Florey | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 67%  Daughter of Shanghai  62 min,  PASSED,  [Crime, Drama, Romance]  [Robert Florey]  [17 Dec 1937]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.7/10, External Reviews
Awards:  1 win.
Actors:  Anna May Wong, Buster Crabbe, Cecil Cunningham, Charles Bickford
Plot:  Chinese-American woman tries to expose illegal alien smuggling ring.
Writer:  Gladys Unger (screenplay), Garnett Weston (screenplay), Garnett Weston (based on a story by)
Language:  English, Cantonese    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Dangerous to Know | Movie Details for Director Robert Florey | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 65%  Dangerous to Know  70 min,  [Crime, Drama]  [Robert Florey]  [11 Mar 1938]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.5/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Akim Tamiroff, Anna May Wong, Gail Patrick, Lloyd Nolan
Plot:  A gangster tries to fix things so that he can marry a rich society woman.
Writer:  Edgar Wallace (novel), William R. Lipman, Horace McCoy
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Rogues' Regiment | Movie Details for Director Robert Florey | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 64%  Rogues' Regiment  86 min,  PASSED,  [Action, Adventure, Film-Noir]  [Robert Florey]  [28 Sep 1948]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.4/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Dick Powell, Märta Torén, Stephen McNally, Vincent Price
Plot:  A post World War 2, US Army agent is assigned to join the Foreign Legion in search of high ranking Nazi war criminal who may have also enlisted.
Writer:  Robert Buckner (story), Robert Florey (story), Robert Buckner (screenplay)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Go Into Your Dance | Movie Details for Director Archie Mayo, Michael Curtiz, Robert Florey | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 64%  Go Into Your Dance  89 min,  APPROVED,  [Crime, Drama, Musical]  [Archie Mayo, Michael Curtiz, Robert Florey]  [20 Apr 1935]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.4/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Al Jolson, Barton MacLane, Glenda Farrell, Ruby Keeler
Plot:  Al Howard may be a star on Broadway, but he is no longer welcomed by any producer. It seems that he just trots off to Mexico any time he wants causing shows to close and producers to lose ...
Writer:  Earl Baldwin (screen play), Bradford Ropes (based on a story by)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Man from Frisco | Movie Details for Director Robert Florey | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 63%  Man from Frisco  91 min,  APPROVED,  [Drama, Romance, War]  [Robert Florey]  [15 Jun 1944]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.3/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Anne Shirley, Dan Duryea, Gene Lockhart, Michael O'Shea
Plot:  Matt Braddock (a fictional version of real-life Henry Kaiser) is an engineer with revolutionary ideas for shipbuilding. When he tries to set up yards for prefabricating ships on the West ...
Writer:  Ethel Hill (screenplay), Arnold Manoff (screenplay), George Worthing Yates (original story), George Carleton Brown (original story), George Worthing Yates (adaptation), George Carleton Brown (adaptation)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
San Antonio | Movie Details for Director David Butler, Robert Florey, Raoul Walsh | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 63%  San Antonio  109 min,  APPROVED,  [Western]  [David Butler, Robert Florey, Raoul Walsh]  [29 Dec 1945]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.3/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Alexis Smith, Errol Flynn, S.Z. Sakall, Victor Francen
Plot:  Tough dance hall girl working for the local villain falls for a cowboy trying to clean up the town.
Writer:  Alan Le May (screenplay), W.R. Burnett (screenplay)
Language:  English, German    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
The Hole in the Wall | Movie Details for Director Robert Florey | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 62%  The Hole in the Wall  73 min,  [Drama, Mystery]  [Robert Florey]  [27 Apr 1929]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.2/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Claudette Colbert, David Newell, Edward G. Robinson, Nellie Savage
Plot:  Mrs. Ramsey sent Jean Oliver to prison on a false charge. To get even, Jean (disguised as Madame Mystera) plans to kidnap her daughter and turn her into a thief. Love entanglements with a ...
Writer:  Pierre Collings (adapted by), Frederick J. Jackson (play)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Johnny One-Eye | Movie Details for Director Robert Florey | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 54%  Johnny One-Eye  78 min,  [Crime, Drama, Film-Noir]  [Robert Florey]  [05 May 1950]
Ratings:  IMDB 5.4/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Dolores Moran, Gayle Reed, Pat O'Brien, Wayne Morris
Plot:  Martin is a wounded gangster comforted by a visits from a little girl and her tiny dog with one bad eye. As he hides out, he makes plans to find his abusive, double crossing, partner.
Writer:  Richard H. Landau, Damon Runyon (story)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia

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