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The Right Stuff | Movie Details for Director Philip Kaufman | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 88%  The Right Stuff  193 min,  PG,  [Adventure, Biography, Drama]  [Philip Kaufman]  [17 Feb 1984]
Ratings:  IMDB 7.9/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 98%, External Reviews
Awards:  Won 4 Oscars. Another 7 wins & 15 nominations.
Actors:  Dennis Quaid, Ed Harris, Sam Shepard, Scott Glenn
Plot:  The story of the original Mercury 7 astronauts and their macho, seat-of-the-pants approach to the space program.
Writer:  Philip Kaufman (written for the screen by), Tom Wolfe (based on the book by)
Language:  English, Russian    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB
The Unbearable Lightness of Being | Movie Details for Director Philip Kaufman | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 81%  The Unbearable Lightness of Being  171 min,  R,  [Drama, Romance]  [Philip Kaufman]  [05 Feb 1988]
Ratings:  IMDB 7.4/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 88%, External Reviews
Awards:  Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 7 wins & 11 nominations.
Actors:  Daniel Day-Lewis, Derek de Lint, Juliette Binoche, Lena Olin
Plot:  In 1968, a Czech doctor with an active sex life meets a woman who wants monogamy, and then the Soviet invasion further disrupts their lives.
Writer:  Milan Kundera (novel), Jean-Claude Carrière (screenplay), Philip Kaufman (screenplay)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
The Wanderers | Movie Details for Director Philip Kaufman | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 81%  The Wanderers  112 min,  R,  [Drama]  [Philip Kaufman]  [04 Jul 1979]
Ratings:  IMDB 7.4/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 89%, External Reviews
Awards:  1 nomination.
Actors:  John Friedrich, Karen Allen, Ken Wahl, Toni Kalem
Plot:  Set against the urban jungle of 1963 New York's gangland subculture, this coming of age teenage movie is set around the Italian gang the Wanderers. Slight comedy, slight High School angst ...
Writer:  Richard Price (novel), Rose Kaufman (screenplay), Philip Kaufman (screenplay)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Invasion of the Body Snatchers | Movie Details for Director Philip Kaufman | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 81%  Invasion of the Body Snatchers  115 min,  PG,  [Horror, Sci-Fi]  [Philip Kaufman]  [22 Dec 1978]
Ratings:  IMDB 7.4/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 94%, Metacritic 75/100, External Reviews
Awards:  3 wins & 9 nominations.
Actors:  Brooke Adams, Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum, Veronica Cartwright
Plot:  In San Francisco, a group of people discover the human race is being replaced one by one, with clones devoid of emotion.
Writer:  Jack Finney (novel), W.D. Richter (screenplay)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Quills | Movie Details for Director Philip Kaufman | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 72%  Quills  124 min,  R,  [Biography, Drama]  [Philip Kaufman]  [25 Dec 2000]
Ratings:  IMDB 7.3/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 75%, Metacritic 70/100, External Reviews
Awards:  Nominated for 3 Oscars. Another 18 wins & 41 nominations.
Actors:  Geoffrey Rush, Joaquin Phoenix, Kate Winslet, Michael Caine
Plot:  In a Napoleonic era insane asylum, an inmate, the irrepressible Marquis De Sade, fights a battle of wills against a tyrannically prudish doctor.
Writer:  Doug Wright (play), Doug Wright (screenplay)
Language:  English, Latin    Country:  UK, Germany, USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
The White Dawn | Movie Details for Director Philip Kaufman | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 71%  The White Dawn  110 min,  R,  [Adventure, Drama, History]  [Philip Kaufman]  [21 Jul 1974]
Ratings:  IMDB 7.1/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Joanasie Salamonie, Louis Gossett Jr., Timothy Bottoms, Warren Oates
Plot:  In 1896, three whalers are stranded in the Arctic North Canada and seek refuge with an Eskimo tribe. Gradually they gain control with the Eskimo village and introduce gambling, booze, theft...
Writer:  James Houston (novel), James Houston (screenplay), Martin Ransohoff (adaptation), Thomas Rickman (screenplay)
Language:  English    Country:  USA, Canada    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid | Movie Details for Director Philip Kaufman | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 65%  The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid  91 min,  PG,  [Western]  [Philip Kaufman]  [12 May 1972]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.3/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 67%, External Reviews
Awards:  1 nomination.
Actors:  Cliff Robertson, Luke Askew, R.G. Armstrong, Robert Duvall
Plot:  The gangs of Jesse James and Cole Younger join forces for a bungled robbery of the bank in Northfield, MN.
Writer:  Philip Kaufman
Language:  English, Swedish, German    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Henry & June | Movie Details for Director Philip Kaufman | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 61%  Henry & June  136 min,  NC-17,  [Biography, Drama]  [Philip Kaufman]  [05 Oct 1990]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.3/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 60%, External Reviews
Awards:  Nominated for 1 Oscar. Another 1 win & 3 nominations.
Actors:  Fred Ward, Maria de Medeiros, Richard E. Grant, Uma Thurman
Plot:  In 1931 Paris, Anais Nin meets Henry Miller and his wife June. Intrigued by them both, she begins expanding her sexual horizons with her husband Hugo as well as with Henry and others. June ...
Writer:  Anaïs Nin (book), Philip Kaufman (screenplay), Rose Kaufman (screenplay)
Language:  English, French    Country:  USA, France    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Rising Sun | Movie Details for Director Philip Kaufman | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 50%  Rising Sun  129 min,  R,  [Action, Crime, Drama]  [Philip Kaufman]  [30 Jul 1993]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.2/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 34%, Metacritic 56/100, External Reviews
Awards:  1 win & 1 nomination.
Actors:  Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Harvey Keitel, Sean Connery, Wesley Snipes
Plot:  When an escort girl is found dead in the offices of a Japanese company in Los Angeles, detectives Web Smith and John Connor act as liaison between the company's executives and the investigating cop Tom Graham.
Writer:  Michael Crichton (novel), Philip Kaufman (screenplay), Michael Crichton (screenplay), Michael Backes (screenplay)
Language:  English, Japanese    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Twisted | Movie Details for Director Philip Kaufman | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 26%  Twisted  97 min,  R,  [Crime, Drama, Mystery]  [Philip Kaufman]  [27 Feb 2004]
Ratings:  IMDB 5.2/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 1%, Metacritic 26/100, External Reviews
Awards:  1 win.
Actors:  Andy Garcia, Ashley Judd, David Strathairn, Samuel L. Jackson
Plot:  Jessica, whose father killed her mother and committed suicide, is a police officer. While investigating a murder, she finds herself in the center of her own investigation, when her former lovers start being murdered.
Writer:  Sarah Thorp
Language:  English, Italian, Spanish    Country:  Germany, USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia

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