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70%  On Her Majesty's Secret Service  1969  [Peter R. Hunt]  Action, Adventure, Thriller
61%  Shout at the Devil    [Peter R. Hunt]  Action, Adventure, Comedy
57%  Gold  1974  [Peter R. Hunt]  Adventure, Thriller
56%  Rough Cut  1980  [Don Siegel, Peter R. Hunt, Robert Ellis Miller]  Adventure, Comedy, Crime
55%  Gulliver's Travels  1981  [Peter R. Hunt]  Animation, Adventure, Comedy
51%  Assassination  1987  [Peter R. Hunt]  Action, Drama, Thriller
51%  Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star  1986  [Peter R. Hunt]  Family, Sci-Fi
48%  Wild Geese II  1985  [Peter R. Hunt]  Adventure, Thriller, Action
43%  Death Hunt    [Peter R. Hunt]  Action, Adventure, Crime

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