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85%  The Guns of Navarone  1961  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Adventure, Drama
84%  Cape Fear  1962  [J. Lee Thompson]  Drama, Thriller
79%  Ice Cold in Alex  1958  [J. Lee Thompson]  Adventure, Drama, War
78%  Tiger Bay  1959  [J. Lee Thompson]  Crime, Drama, Thriller
76%  Woman in a Dressing Gown  1958  [J. Lee Thompson]  Drama, Romance
72%  North West Frontier  1959  [J. Lee Thompson]  Adventure, Drama
70%  Return from the Ashes  1966  [J. Lee Thompson]  Crime, Drama, Thriller
68%  Mackenna's Gold  1969  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Adventure, Romance
66%  The Reincarnation of Peter Proud  1975  [J. Lee Thompson]  Horror, Mystery
64%  Taras Bulba  1962  [J. Lee Thompson]  Adventure, Drama, History
63%  The Passage  1979  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Drama, War
63%  Kings of the Sun  1963  [J. Lee Thompson]  Adventure, Drama, History
62%  I Aim at the Stars  1960  [J. Lee Thompson]  Biography, Drama
61%  Eye of the Devil  1966  [J. Lee Thompson]  Crime, Horror, Mystery
60%  The Evil That Men Do  1984  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Drama, Thriller
60%  Before Winter Comes  1969  [J. Lee Thompson]  Comedy, Drama, War
59%  Murphy's Law  1986  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Crime, Drama
57%  The Chairman  1969  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Drama, Thriller
55%  Messenger of Death  1988  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Crime, Thriller
53%  John Goldfarb, Please Come Home!  1965  [J. Lee Thompson]  Comedy
52%  The Ambassador  1985  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Drama, Thriller
51%  10 to Midnight  1983  [J. Lee Thompson]  Crime, Drama, Thriller
51%  St. Ives  1976  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Crime, Drama
51%  Conquest of the Planet of the Apes  1972  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Sci-Fi
44%  Happy Birthday to Me  1981  [J. Lee Thompson]  Horror, Mystery, Thriller
43%  Battle for the Planet of the Apes  1973  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Sci-Fi
43%  What a Way to Go!  1964  [J. Lee Thompson]  Comedy, Romance
41%  The White Buffalo  1977  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Adventure, Western
37%  Death Wish 4: The Crackdown  1987  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Crime, Drama
30%  King Solomon's Mines  1985  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Adventure, Comedy
27%  Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects  1989  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Crime, Drama
25%  Firewalker  1986  [J. Lee Thompson]  Action, Adventure, Comedy

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