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Hardly a Criminal | Movie Details for Director Hugo Fregonese | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 73%  Hardly a Criminal  88 min,  [Crime, Drama]  [Hugo Fregonese]  [N/A]
Ratings:  IMDB 7.3/10, External Reviews
Awards:  1 nomination.
Actors:  Jorge Salcedo, Linda Lorena, Sebastián Chiola, Tito Alonso
Plot:  A bank employee utilizes a legal loophole to conduct the perfect crime, planning to reap the rewards of his embezzlement following a six-year prison sentence.
Writer:  Raimundo Calcagno, Israel Chas de Cruz, Tulio Demicheli, Hugo Fregonese, José Ramón Luna
Language:  Spanish    Country:  Argentina    More Info:  IMDB
The Raid | Movie Details for Director Hugo Fregonese | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 70%  The Raid  83 min,  APPROVED,  [Action, Drama, War]  [Hugo Fregonese]  [04 Aug 1954]
Ratings:  IMDB 7.0/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Anne Bancroft, Lee Marvin, Richard Boone, Van Heflin
Plot:  Van Heflin As Maj. Neal Benton
Writer:  Sydney Boehm (screenplay), Francis M. Cockrell (story), Herbert Ravenel Sass (based on "Affair at St. Albans")
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
One Way Street | Movie Details for Director Hugo Fregonese | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 69%  One Way Street  79 min,  [Crime, Drama, Film-Noir]  [Hugo Fregonese]  [01 Apr 1950]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.9/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Basil Ruysdael, Dan Duryea, James Mason, Märta Torén
Plot:  After stealing a gangster's money and his girlfriend, a doctor heads for a small village in Mexico.
Writer:  Lawrence Kimble (story)
Language:  English, Spanish    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Where Words Fail | Movie Details for Director Hugo Fregonese | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 69%  Where Words Fail  76 min,  [Drama]  [Hugo Fregonese]  [25 Apr 1946]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.9/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Dario Garzay, Enrique Muiño, Héctor Méndez, Italo Bertini
Plot:  N/A
Writer:  Homero Manzi, Ulises Petit de Murat
Language:  Spanish    Country:  Argentina    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Black Tuesday | Movie Details for Director Hugo Fregonese | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 68%  Black Tuesday  80 min,  [Film-Noir, Crime, Thriller]  [Hugo Fregonese]  [06 May 1955]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.8/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Edward G. Robinson, Jean Parker, Milburn Stone, Peter Graves
Plot:  Gangster Vincent Canelli and bank robber Peter Manning escape from Death Row minutes before their execution by electric chair.
Writer:  Sydney Boehm (screenplay), Sydney Boehm (story)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB
My Six Convicts | Movie Details for Director Hugo Fregonese | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 68%  My Six Convicts  104 min,  [Comedy, Drama]  [Hugo Fregonese]  [20 Mar 1952]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.8/10, External Reviews
Awards:  Won 1 Golden Globe. Another 1 nomination.
Actors:  Gilbert Roland, John Beal, Marshall Thompson, Millard Mitchell
Plot:  A psychologist pioneers a research study at a prison. He seeks the help of six savvy inmates including a safe-cracker, a mobster, a pair of armed robber and psychopath. Could he trust them? What's in it for them?
Writer:  Michael Blankfort, Donald Powell Wilson (novel)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Harry Black and the Tiger | Movie Details for Director Hugo Fregonese | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 66%  Harry Black and the Tiger  107 min,  APPROVED,  [Action, Adventure, Drama]  [Hugo Fregonese]  [22 Jul 1958]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.6/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Anthony Steel, Barbara Rush, I.S. Johar, Stewart Granger
Plot:  During a hunt for a ferocious tiger terrorizing an Indian village,ex-army Major Harry Black comes across his former wife Chris and her new husband, Desmond Tanner, who met Black in a German POW camp in WW2.
Writer:  Sydney Boehm, David Walker (novel)
Language:  English    Country:  UK, USA    More Info:  IMDB
Blowing Wild | Movie Details for Director Hugo Fregonese | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 66%  Blowing Wild  90 min,  APPROVED,  [Action, Adventure, Drama]  [Hugo Fregonese]  [16 Dec 1953]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.6/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Anthony Quinn, Barbara Stanwyck, Gary Cooper, Ruth Roman
Plot:  In South America, when Jeff Dawson and Dutch Peterson's oil rigs are dynamited by local bandits, the two partners resort to risky transportation of nitroglycerin to raise money.
Writer:  Philip Yordan
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Man in the Attic | Movie Details for Director Hugo Fregonese | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 62%  Man in the Attic  82 min,  UNRATED,  [Mystery, Thriller]  [Hugo Fregonese]  [23 Dec 1953]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.2/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Byron Palmer, Constance Smith, Frances Bavier, Jack Palance
Plot:  After an enigmatic, self-described pathologist rents the attic room of a Victorian house, his landlady begins to suspect her lodger is Jack the Ripper.
Writer:  Robert Presnell Jr. (screenplay), Barré Lyndon (screenplay), Marie Belloc Lowndes (based on "The Lodger" by)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Apache Drums | Movie Details for Director Hugo Fregonese | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 62%  Apache Drums  76 min,  APPROVED,  [Western]  [Hugo Fregonese]  [06 May 1951]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.2/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Arthur Shields, Coleen Gray, Stephen McNally, Willard Parker
Plot:  A gambler is thrown out of a western town, but returns when the town is suddenly threatened by a band of marauding Apaches.
Writer:  David Chandler (screenplay), Harry Brown (from "Stand at Spanish Boot")
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Untamed Frontier | Movie Details for Director Hugo Fregonese | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 60%  Untamed Frontier  78 min,  APPROVED,  [Western]  [Hugo Fregonese]  [16 Jan 1953]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.0/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Joseph Cotten, Scott Brady, Shelley Winters, Suzan Ball
Plot:  Squeezed between Mexico and the Denbow family lands lies the U.S. government free grazing land but the incoming settlers cannot reach it without trespassing on the Denbow property which is defended by an army of Denbow cowhands.
Writer:  Gerald Drayson Adams (screenplay), John Bagni (screenplay), Gwen Bagni (screenplay), Polly James (additional dialogue), Houston Branch (story), Eugenia Night (story)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB
The King's Thief | Movie Details for Director Robert Z. Leonard, Hugo Fregonese | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 58%  The King's Thief  78 min,  [Adventure, History]  [Robert Z. Leonard, Hugo Fregonese]  [05 Aug 1955]
Ratings:  IMDB 5.8/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Ann Blyth, David Niven, Edmund Purdom, George Sanders
Plot:  A highwayman uncovers a plot to assassinate King Charles II.
Writer:  Robert Hardy Andrews (story), Christopher Knopf
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Decameron Nights | Movie Details for Director Hugo Fregonese | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 57%  Decameron Nights  93 min,  APPROVED,  [Drama, Adventure, Romance]  [Hugo Fregonese]  [16 Nov 1953]
Ratings:  IMDB 5.7/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Godfrey Tearle, Joan Collins, Joan Fontaine, Louis Jourdan
Plot:  The main story combines bits of Giovanni Boccaccio's own life (maybe and maybe not) with three of his most fabulous stories of love. It has Boccaccio following Fiametta to a country villa ...
Writer:  Giovanni Boccaccio (novel), George Oppenheimer (screenplay), Geza Herczeg (treatment)
Language:  English    Country:  UK, Spain    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia

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