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Mystic Pizza | Movie Details for Director Donald Petrie | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 66%  Mystic Pizza  104 min,  R,  [Comedy, Drama, Romance]  [Donald Petrie]  [21 Oct 1988]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.2/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 77%, Metacritic 60/100, External Reviews
Awards:  1 win & 4 nominations.
Actors:  Annabeth Gish, Julia Roberts, Lili Taylor, Vincent D'Onofrio
Plot:  Three teenage girls come of age while working at a pizza parlor in the Connecticut town of Mystic.
Writer:  Amy Holden Jones (story), Amy Holden Jones (screenplay), Perry Howze (screenplay), Randy Howze (screenplay), Alfred Uhry (screenplay)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Grumpy Old Men | Movie Details for Director Donald Petrie | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 61%  Grumpy Old Men  103 min,  PG-13,  [Comedy, Drama, Romance]  [Donald Petrie]  [25 Dec 1993]
Ratings:  IMDB 7.0/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 62%, Metacritic 53/100, External Reviews
Awards:  1 win & 1 nomination.
Actors:  Ann-Margret, Burgess Meredith, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau
Plot:  A lifelong feud between two neighbors since childhood only gets worse when a new female neighbor moves across the street.
Writer:  Mark Steven Johnson
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days | Movie Details for Director Donald Petrie | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 50%  How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days  116 min,  PG-13,  [Comedy, Romance]  [Donald Petrie]  [07 Feb 2003]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.4/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 42%, Metacritic 45/100, External Reviews
Awards:  1 win & 8 nominations.
Actors:  Adam Goldberg, Annie Parisse, Kate Hudson, Kathryn Hahn, Matthew McConaughey
Plot:  Benjamin Barry is an advertising executive and ladies' man who, to win a big campaign, bets that he can make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days. Andie Anderson covers the "How To" beat for "Composure" magazine and is assigned to write an article on "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days." They meet in a bar shortly after the bet is made.
Writer:  Michele Alexander (book), Jeannie Long (book), Kristen Buckley (screenplay), Brian Regan (screenplay), Burr Steers (screenplay)
Language:  English    Country:  USA, Germany    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Miss Congeniality | Movie Details for Director Donald Petrie | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 49%  Miss Congeniality  109 min,  PG-13,  [Action, Comedy, Crime]  [Donald Petrie]  [22 Dec 2000]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.2/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 42%, Metacritic 43/100, External Reviews
Awards:  Nominated for 2 Golden Globes. Another 7 wins & 5 nominations.
Actors:  Benjamin Bratt, Candice Bergen, Michael Caine, Sandra Bullock
Plot:  An F.B.I. Agent must go undercover in the Miss United States beauty pageant to prevent a group from bombing the event.
Writer:  Marc Lawrence, Katie Ford, Caryn Lucas
Language:  English, Russian, French, Hawaiian, Spanish    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
The Associate | Movie Details for Director Donald Petrie | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 44%  The Associate  114 min,  PG-13,  [Comedy]  [Donald Petrie]  [25 Oct 1996]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.1/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 28%, External Reviews
Actors:  Dianne Wiest, Eli Wallach, Tim Daly, Whoopi Goldberg
Plot:  A comedy about making it on Wall Street. Prejudices are hard to break and Laurel Ayres quickly learns that in order for people to take her seriously she has to work for an older white man or be one.
Writer:  Jenaro Prieto (novel), Jean-Claude Carrière (screenplay "L'Associé"), René Gainville (screenplay "L'Associé"), Nick Thiel (screenplay)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
The Favor | Movie Details for Director Donald Petrie | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 43%  The Favor  97 min,  R,  [Comedy, Romance]  [Donald Petrie]  [29 Apr 1994]
Ratings:  IMDB 5.3/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 27%, Metacritic 51/100, External Reviews
Actors:  Bill Pullman, Brad Pitt, Elizabeth McGovern, Harley Jane Kozak
Plot:  Kathy is married to Peter. Now she can't help but wonder how things could have been if she got together with her old boyfriend, Tom. Being married prevents from doing that so she asks her ...
Writer:  Sara Parriott, Josann McGibbon
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Opportunity Knocks | Movie Details for Director Donald Petrie | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 36%  Opportunity Knocks  103 min,  PG-13,  [Comedy]  [Donald Petrie]  [30 Mar 1990]
Ratings:  IMDB 6.0/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 13%, External Reviews
Actors:  Dana Carvey, Julia Campbell, Robert Loggia, Todd Graff
Plot:  Two con men hide out in a house while the owner is away; one of them assumes the identity of the absent house sitter when the owner's relatives come to visit, only for further complications to set in.
Writer:  Mitchel Katlin, Nat Bernstein
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
My Life in Ruins | Movie Details for Director Donald Petrie | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 34%  My Life in Ruins  95 min,  PG-13,  [Comedy, Romance]  [Donald Petrie]  [05 Jun 2009]
Ratings:  IMDB 5.9/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 9%, Metacritic 34/100, External Reviews
Awards:  1 nomination.
Actors:  Alexis Georgoulis, Alistair McGowan, Nia Vardalos, Rachel Dratch, Richard Dreyfuss
Plot:  A travel guide rediscovers her romantic side on a trip around Greece.
Writer:  Mike Reiss
Language:  English, Greek    Country:  USA, Spain    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Just My Luck | Movie Details for Director Donald Petrie | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 32%  Just My Luck  103 min,  PG-13,  [Comedy, Fantasy, Romance]  [Donald Petrie]  [12 May 2006]
Ratings:  IMDB 5.4/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 14%, Metacritic 29/100, External Reviews
Awards:  7 nominations.
Actors:  Bree Turner, Chris Pine, Lindsay Lohan, Samaire Armstrong
Plot:  Manhattanite Ashley is known to many as the luckiest woman around. After a chance encounter with a down-and-out young man, however, she realizes that she's swapped her fortune for his.
Writer:  I. Marlene King (screenplay), Amy Harris (screenplay), Jonathan Bernstein (story), Mark Blackwell (story), James Greer (story), I. Marlene King (story)
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Welcome to Mooseport | Movie Details for Director Donald Petrie | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 32%  Welcome to Mooseport  110 min,  PG-13,  [Comedy, Romance]  [Donald Petrie]  [20 Feb 2004]
Ratings:  IMDB 5.2/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 13%, Metacritic 33/100, External Reviews
Actors:  Gene Hackman, Marcia Gay Harden, Maura Tierney, Ray Romano
Plot:  A US president who has retired after two terms in office returns to his hometown of Mooseport, Maine and decides to run for Mayor against another local candidate.
Writer:  Doug Richardson (story), Tom Schulman (screenplay)
Language:  English    Country:  USA, Germany    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
My Favorite Martian | Movie Details for Director Donald Petrie | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 31%  My Favorite Martian  94 min,  PG,  [Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi]  [Donald Petrie]  [12 Feb 1999]
Ratings:  IMDB 5.0/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 12%, External Reviews
Awards:  3 nominations.
Actors:  Christopher Lloyd, Daryl Hannah, Elizabeth Hurley, Jeff Daniels
Plot:  A Martian lands on Earth and makes friends with a reporter.
Writer:  John L. Greene (television series My Favorite Martian), Sherri Stoner, Deanna Oliver
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia

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