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Sicko | Movie Details for Actor Michael Moore | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 82%  Sicko  123 min,  PG-13,  [Documentary, Drama]  [Michael Moore]  [03 Jul 2007]
Ratings & Reviews:  IMDB 8.0/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 92%, Metacritic 74/100, External Reviews
Awards:  Nominated for 1 Oscar. Another 14 wins & 14 nominations.
Actors:  George W. Bush, Michael Moore, Tony Benn, Tucker Albrizzi
Plot:  A documentary comparing the highly profitable American health care industry to other nations, and HMO horror stories including shotgun deaths.
Writer:  Michael Moore
Language:  English, French, Spanish, Russian    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Bowling for Columbine | Movie Details for Actor Michael Moore | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 82%  Bowling for Columbine  120 min,  R,  [Documentary, Crime, Drama]  [Michael Moore]  [15 Nov 2002]
Ratings & Reviews:  IMDB 8.0/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 95%, Metacritic 72/100, External Reviews
Awards:  Won 1 Oscar. Another 40 wins & 12 nominations.
Actors:  Charlton Heston, Jacobo Arbenz, Marilyn Manson, Michael Moore, Mike Bradley, Salvador Allende
Plot:  Filmmaker Michael Moore explores the roots of America's predilection for gun violence.
Writer:  Michael Moore
Language:  English    Country:  USA, Canada, Germany    More Info:  IMDB
Roger & Me | Movie Details for Actor Michael Moore | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 81%  Roger & Me  91 min,  R,  [Documentary]  [Michael Moore]  [20 Dec 1989]
Ratings & Reviews:  IMDB 7.5/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 100%, Metacritic 70/100, External Reviews
Awards:  14 wins.
Actors:  Fred Ross, Michael Moore, Rhonda Britton, Roger B. Smith
Plot:  Director Michael Moore pursues GM CEO Roger B. Smith to confront him about the harm he did to Flint, Michigan with his massive downsizing.
Writer:  Michael Moore
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Fahrenheit 9/11 | Movie Details for Actor Michael Moore | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 75%  Fahrenheit 9/11  122 min,  R,  [Documentary, Drama, War]  [Michael Moore]  [25 Jun 2004]
Ratings & Reviews:  IMDB 7.5/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 83%, Metacritic 67/100, External Reviews
Awards:  29 wins & 16 nominations.
Actors:  Ben Affleck, George W. Bush, James Baker III, Michael Moore, Stevie Wonder
Plot:  Michael Moore's view on what happened to the United States after September 11; and how the Bush Administration allegedly used the tragic event to push forward its agenda for unjust wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Writer:  Michael Moore
Language:  English, Arabic    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
Where to Invade Next | Movie Details for Actor Michael Moore | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 73%  Where to Invade Next  120 min,  R,  [Documentary, Comedy]  [Michael Moore]  [25 Feb 2016]
Ratings & Reviews:  IMDB 7.6/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 79%, Metacritic 64/100, External Reviews
Awards:  3 wins & 13 nominations.
Actors:  Christina Fancelli, Johnny Fancelli, Lorena Lardini, Michael Moore
Plot:  To learn what the USA can learn from other nations, Michael Moore playfully "invades" them to see what they have to offer.
Writer:  Michael Moore
Language:  English, Italian, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Arabic    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB
The Yes Men | Movie Details for Actor Michael Moore | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 73%  The Yes Men  83 min,  R,  [Documentary, Comedy]  [Dan Ollman, Sarah Price, Chris Smith]  [13 Jan 2005]
Ratings & Reviews:  IMDB 6.9/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 84%, Metacritic 68/100, External Reviews
Awards:  1 win & 2 nominations.
Actors:  Andreas Bichlbauer, Andy Bichlbaum, Marco Deseriis, Michael Moore, Mike Bonanno
Plot:  Anti-corporate activists travel from conference to conference, impersonating member of the World Trade Organization.
Language:  English, French    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB
Capitalism: A Love Story | Movie Details for Actor Michael Moore | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 70%  Capitalism: A Love Story  127 min,  R,  [Documentary, Crime, News]  [Michael Moore]  [02 Oct 2009]
Ratings & Reviews:  IMDB 7.4/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 75%, Metacritic 61/100, External Reviews
Awards:  4 wins & 12 nominations.
Actors:  Baron Hill, Elijah Cummings, Jimmy Carter, Michael Moore, William Black
Plot:  An examination of the social costs of corporate interests pursuing profits at the expense of the public good.
Writer:  Michael Moore
Language:  English, Russian, Spanish    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia
The Atomic City | Movie Details for Actor Michael Moore | www.moviesnearme.co.uk 62%  The Atomic City  85 min,  UNRATED,  [Thriller, Drama]  [Jerry Hopper]  [01 May 1952]
Ratings & Reviews:  IMDB 6.2/10, External Reviews
Actors:  Gene Barry, Lydia Clarke, Michael Moore, Nancy Gates
Plot:  An atomic scientist's son is kidnapped by enemy agents.
Writer:  Sydney Boehm
Language:  English    Country:  USA    More Info:  IMDB  Wikipedia

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